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Pretty Little Liars' Alison DiLaurentis is on her way back to television. Fans are getting an official glimpse at what's in store for her and others in Freeform's upcoming spinoff series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Check out the promotional still below:

Yes, that is Sasha Pieterse's Alison DiLaurentis in full-on teacher mode in the Pretty Little Liars spinoff. The exclusive glimpse provided to TVLine makes the reality of Alison having left Rosewood all the more tangible. What this means for her and Emily's relationship/engagement is not entirely clear.

The upcoming spinoff will follow Alison as she ventures out of Rosewood and into the town of Beacon Heights. Alison is there as a teacher for Beacon Heights University, and based on the photo, she looks to be in her element. Authority was never something she struggled to exert on Pretty Little Liars.

In another promotional picture from the pilot episode, you can see Alison's enraptured students taking in what she is presumably saying. In another photo, Alison is in a one-on-one meeting with the talented cellist, Dylan. His instrument is nowhere in sight in the picture of him and Alison.

While the town of Beacon Heights seems great, like Rosewood, it is home to its share of secrets. Freeform has let prospective viewers in on what they can expect. Attending college together is a trio of friends, who are perfectionists and overachievers.

In the wake of Beacon Heights' first murder, the friends each find themselves hiding "behind a secret, a lie, and an alibi." It sounds as dramatic a set-up as the original Pretty Little Liars! So, there are a lot of reasons for fans of the original series to be excited.

There are no heavy hints as to what the students could be hiding in the gallery of promotional photos. While there is a mystery involving the new characters, there is also a crucial one involving Alison. Why did she leave her family with Emily in Rosewood? Is she substituting for a teacher, temporarily? So she and Emily are just doing a long-distance thing for a little while?

Will fans learn more about what happened in Rosewood following Pretty Little Liars' series finale? Alison is not the only character from the original series taking part in the spinoff. Long-time nemesis Mona will be accompanying her on the new show. How Mona becomes involved in the action at Beacon Heights is equally mysterious.

The standout character was last seen holding Spencer's twin sister and biological mother captive in a dollhouse. That dollhouse was all the way in France. Mona would have to have someone helping her take care of them so that she could go all the way to Oregon. It is just one of the many mysteries that fans should expect to have more light shed on when the spinoff debuts in 2019.

A premiere date for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has not been announced yet. You can re-watch the magic of the original series on Netflix, among many other shows. A spate of new shows await in the new year, and the spinoff will be among them, eventually.