Christopher Meloni Is Heading To One Of The Best Streaming Shows Out There

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(Image credit: SyFy)
(Image credit: SyFy)

Christopher Meloni is heading to one of the most popular streaming series out there. The former Law & Order: SVU star has signed on to guest star on The Handmaid’s Tale. That’s right, Meloni is heading to one of Hulu’s most prominent shows for its third season. Here is who he is playing.

Hulu has announced that Happy!’s Christopher Meloni has been cast to star as Commander Winslow. The streaming platform describes the character as “powerful” and “magnetic.” Both are attributes that sound like the potential recipe for someone dangerous. Commanders tend to be pretty frightening and despicable characters anyway.

So, how does he enter The Handmaid’s Tale? Commander Winslow hosts the Waterfords for what is described as “an important trip.” That also sounds like it could lead to something ominous.

Adding dimension to what The Handmaid’s Tale has revealed about Commander Winslow is what has been shared about the character’s wife. Yes, the wife of Christopher Meloni’s character has already been cast.

The Haunting of Hill House’s Elizabeth Reaser will play that part. The Handmaid's Tale has not shared what to expect of her personality, but what is known is that Mrs. Winslow is said to become a friend of Serena Joy’s and an inspiration to her.

What is the couple up to, if anything? The wait for answers will require patience. The Handmaid’s Tale is currently in the midst of production on Season 3. So, how does Christopher Meloni’s casting as Commander Winslow fit with what has already been shared? Well, that is far from obvious.

As any show desiring its suspense tends to do, The Handmaid’s Tale is allowing for some secrecy. June’s resistance to the Gilead regime will be a driving force in Season 3. As has been the case since Season 1, she will continue to struggle against the enormous hurdles in front of her.

Hulu has teased “reunions” and “betrayals,” as well as a journey that will force all of The Handmaid’s Tale characters to “take a stand.” Season 3 will not be messing around. What Commander Winslow’s impact on the third season will be remains a mystery for now.

Christopher Meloni has signed on to “guest star” on the series. So, the indication is that this will be a short-term role. Given that Mrs. Winslow is said to become an inspiration to Serena Joy, you would think this storyline may last a little while. That or this trip alone is enough to have a significant impact.

Fans of Christopher Meloni will undoubtedly rejoice at him taking part in such a high-profile show. That is never a bad thing for any actor. When fans will get to see his work on The Handmaid’s Tale is unclear.

An official release date has not been set yet for the third season of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, so stay tuned. There are no shortage of new shows to keep you busy in the meantime.

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