Mindy Kaling Thinks Her Office Character Probably Went To Jail

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Mindy Kaling has thoughts on where her Office character, Kelly Kapoor, is now that the NBC series is over. She has a suspicion that if viewers were to catch up with Kelly Kapoor, they might have to see her behind partitioned glass. That’s because Kaling thinks Kelly probably went to jail. Musing about where The Office’s Kelly is now, Kaling says:

There's not an insignificant part of me that thinks that Kelly might be in jail; a crime of passion. The character just kept getting a little bit more and more unhinged. I don't want to say that she murdered Ryan but, like, I'm also not convinced that he's still alive in the world of The Office.

Even though Mindy Kaling is probably at least somewhat joking here, she's not wrong. In fact, imagining Kelly going to jail is pretty shocking. Mindy Kaling doesn't go so far as to say she's sure that Kelly actually murdered Ryan. However, she also does not think Ryan is among the living, telling Variety that Kelly Kapoor could very well be in the big house.

Based on what Mindy Kaling is saying, she seems to believe that Kelly would in jail for a “crime of passion," which fits in with some of the antics Kelly pulled off with Ryan during the events of the show.

If anyone would know what became of Kelly it is Mindy Kaling. She not only played Kelly, but she also worked as an executive producer, writer, and director on The Office. Kelly and Ryan definitely had an obsessive relationship. In the finale, Kelly even showed up with her new husband Ravi and Ryan showed up abandoned and toting a baby. He purposely gave his kid Drake an allergic reaction as a ruse to run away with Kelly and leave the baby with Ravi. As Mindy Kaling notes, that whole relationship got a little unhinged.

Who knows what could have transpired between them if the show had continued airing beyond nine seasons? Fans of The Office may never know for sure.

Still, if The Office would ever be revived, the show could do an ode to Orange is the New Black and visit Kelly in jail. Kelly ending up there would be a stark reversal from where the NBC series left the couple.

As viewers saw time and again, the dynamic between Kelly and Ryan changed on a regular basis. So, it stands to reason that a break up probably took place not too long after the events at the end of the show. Since, the series finale aired back in 2013, it stands to reason that a lot changed in five years.

Considering Ryan and Kelly’s break-up rate, they probably broke up and got back together at least one hundred times since the finale. Will fans ever know where Kelly ended up via a reboot of The Office? Steve Carell recently shared his feelings about a potential reboot.

Reboots are hot right now, and there is some interest in bringing the show back. In the meantime, Mindy Kaling’s career continues to flourish. The actress just sold her new movie for one of the highest sticker prices ever at Sundance.

Whatever has become of Kelly, her portrayer is doing excellently. If an Office reboot ever surfaces that definitively answers where Kelly is, it will be big news. There are lots of new shows airing over the midseason to keep you busy while you wait to see if it arrives.

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