Man Saves Woman's Life Thanks To CPR He Learned From The Office

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Some may say binge-watching The Office non-stop is dangerous and a waste of time, but at least two folks may say otherwise. A man is being called a hero after his knowledge of the former NBC comedy aided him in saving the life of a woman in desperate need of help. Cross Scott managed to successfully resuscitate an unconscious woman in her car by using the CPR skills he learned from the episode "Stress Relief".

Scott was out test driving a customer's car in Tuscon, Arizona when he noticed a white sedan with blinking hazard lights off on the side of a dirt road. Scott noticed the car was slowly rolling forwards, and Fox 8 reported he wedged a rock under the vehicle due to its slow movement forwards. It was then he noticed the driver, named Clara, slumped over with blue lips behind the wheel.

The auto shop worker sprang into action, and broke the car window to unlock the driver's side door as two women pulled over to the side of the road to call 911. Cross Scott had no prior training in CPR, but remembered the aforementioned episode of The Office where it was stated the pace of chest compressions synced up with the Bee-Gee's "Stayin Alive." Scott sang the song aloud while giving compressions, and a short while later, Clara was awake.

Clara was released from the hospital later that day, and Cross Scott (we're assuming no relation to Michael Scott) has been called a hero by his coworkers for his actions. Scott is humble in his response, and stated that the true heroes are the paramedics who help people every day.

For the record, the information about compression rates Cross Scott utilized to help him perform CPR is about the only useful information from that scene in The Office. The rest, such as checking to see if the victim is an organ donor and harvesting the organs is at least highly frowned upon, and at worst something highly illegal for an average citizen to do.

With that said, Executive Director of Red Cross Southern Arizona Courtney Slanaker said Cross Scott did the right thing. Even if someone is inexperienced and doesn't know CPR, action is better than inaction when lives are on the line. Also, Scott just proved that watching The Office can save lives, which has to be about the best reason yet for the cast to get together for a revival, right?

The Office is available to binge on Netflix, and cable subscribers can also catch episodes on Comedy Central. For a look at the new things headed to television in 2019, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy midseason premiere guide.

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