Star Trek: Discovery Is Bringing A Dead Character Back In Season 2, But How?

New photos have emerged that tease what's to come in Star Trek: Discovery's upcoming episode "Saints of Perfection," and if fans squint hard enough, they'll spot a familiar face in the picture below. That's Lt. Culber believe it or not, looking all disheveled and like he's seen better days.

Culber Wilson Cruz Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The major thing to note here is that Culber appears to be in the Mycellial Network, and may very well be alive within it. That was something that was speculated in Season 1 when Stamets was stuck in there, but it wasn't entirely clear whether Culber was actually there or some hallucination that helped his partner find his way back into the real world. Judging from the unkempt hair and torn Starfleet uniform, he may be more than an illusion.

It would be tragic if that were the case, as it would mean Culber's been hanging out in there alone for quite some time. Things don't look like they've gone well for him, which will undoubtedly be heartbreaking for Stamets should he see his former lover in that state. Stamets is also seen within the Mycelial Network, and is patrolling the halls with his phaser out alongside Burnham, Tilly, and...May?

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Stamets appears to be making eye contact with May, which is interesting because she shouldn't exist. Tilly learned a while back her childhood friend died years ago, which had to mean the woman frequently appearing in front of her was a hallucination, right? That's what she believed to be the case, but clearly Stamets and possibly Michael can see her now that they're in the Mycelial Network. What the hell is going on here?

This is just a theory, but it appears the Mycelial Network is a form of afterlife for the dead, and that humans have the ability to live on within it. That doesn't sound all that great considering what a creepy place it's been shown to be, but perhaps the Star Trek: Discovery crew can make things better for Culber and May? If not, why did the massive spore mass kidnap Tilly?

Its been hinted that Wilson Cruz would reprise his role as Culber later on in Star Trek: Discovery. The actor teased not long after his character's death there was a plan in motion, although he was rather tight-lipped about what the future held for Culber. It seemed the arc for the character was complete following his return later on in Season 1 via the Mycelial Network, but now it appears there's an even larger story to tell.

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