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Lethal Weapon Producer Sued By Driver Injured During Stunt Accident

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Lethal Weapon has not had the best history behind-the-scenes. Now come issues in the form of legal woes. A driver and his wife say she was left with a traumatic brain injury after a stunt set up for the show went wrong. WarnerMedia and Warner Bros. are now being sued for willful misconduct and negligence. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages. Let’s back up a bit to August 2018.

Lethal Weapon was prepping a stunt for an episode of its third season. That stunt involved a zip line. One of the characters was supposed to glide across the street, per Deadline. A stuntman would eventually perform the scene. In preparation, a test run was conducted using a 300-pound sandbag.

Auto traffic was stopped while the test was run. The test went fine, and traffic was accordingly allowed to resume. That is when things went wrong, according to the suit.

The couple suing was in their car traveling at what the lawsuit says was 20 mph. They passed beneath the cable holding the 300-pound sandbag. That cable snapped, and the sandbag struck the couple’s car.

The couple says that the collision “shredded” the front end of their car and that they were “startled” by the impact. Along with the emotional toll of being startled, the suit says that they also suffered physical injuries.

According to the lawsuit, the wife was taken from the scene by ambulance. She says that she suffered “a traumatic brain injury” and continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the accident, which she says she is still receiving psychological treatment for. The suit was filed on May 7, 2019, and the accident occurred roughly nine months ago on August 22, 2018.

This lawsuit should theoretically not affect the future of the series at Fox. The action drama is currently awaiting word on whether it will return for a fourth season. After a tumultuous second season, the show returned for a third outing.

Saying goodbye to Clayne Crawford’s Riggs and hello to Seann William Scott’s Cole was a lot for the show to handle after the Season 2 cliffhanger. During Season 3, Lethal Weapon lead Damon Wayans indicated he wanted to depart the series. However, he did up staying for the remainder of the season, which received an additional episode order.

Lethal Weapon is currently awaiting word on whether it will return for Season 4. It finished its third season back in late February 2019. A decision on its renewal could get announced soon, as May upfronts draw ever closer.

Based on what the show’s creator said a few months back at the TCA winter press tour, there is a reason to have hope. The Season 3 finale set the stage for Lethal Weapon to return for a totally different follow-up season. Stay tuned to find out if it happens.

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