Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Shares Emotional Farewell To CBS Drama On Final Day Of Filming

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CBS' long-running crime drama Criminal Minds will be coming to an end with Season 15. Filming has finished on the series for Joe Mantegna. In a poignant message to fans, he shared his emotional farewell thoughts. Check it out below:

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How classy and beautiful is this note? This is how you end your run on a series. In the message, Joe Mantegna mentions being welcomed to the show, despite not being part of it since the beginning. Mantegna joined the cast of Criminal Minds in Season 3. He replaced the presence of outgoing star, Mandy Patinkin.

Joe Mantegna’s David Rossi has been a leading presence ever since. He reflects back on where the past twelve years have taken the cast and crew of Criminal Minds, personally and professionally. Mantegna zeroed in on all of the things that life has brought through the years. He also mentions waiting for his next thing.

Joe Mantegna is so talented that him finding it should not be a problem in the least. It will be fun to find out what it is. There is a whole new slate of fall programming that awaits, and plenty more to come after. Mantegna, ever the professional, ended his note by thanking the fans. Even if you have never watched Criminal Minds that has to bring a tear to your eye.

Criminal Minds was renewed for its fifteenth and final season at the beginning of the year. It will be comprised of ten episodes. Fans may have a wait in front of them before they get to see it. Neither Criminal Minds nor MacGyver are part of CBS’ fall schedule, leading to the likelihood they will premiere in the midseason.

The good news is that season will air at some point. Rossi had an eventful Season 14. He remarried Krystall Richards to whom he was briefly married one time before. Krystall was his third ex-wife, and she is now his fourth (and hopefully final) marriage.

Criminal Minds’ showrunner Erica Messer has teased how Season 15 will kick off. It will begin with a “two-hour story.” The season itself will pick up, six months after the Season 14 finale left off. As fans will recall, there is at least one bombshell the characters will be working their way through.

There will also be an overarching big bad that will square off with Rossi. Criminal Minds’ showrunner described Season 15's villain as Rossi’s Joker. So, things are going to get intense between the two. Rossi for the win!

Television is going through a lot of goodbyes right now with 2019 currently rife with them. Criminal Minds may not begin its on-screen farewell until 2020, stay tuned to learn for sure though. When it airs, it will do so on CBS.

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