Some Major 2019 TV Shows That Have Already Been Renewed

Phil Dunphy Modern Family ABC

Curious about what major shows on television are already coming back for another season? Don't stress! We've got all the major entries in this list below, so scroll through and breathe easy that good television will continue into the distant future.

Deer The Masked Singer Fox

The Masked Singer - Fox

Television's weirdest singing competition was a quick hit for Fox, and even if the internet was crazy good at predicting the entrants under the mask, audiences still can't get enough of it. That's not a huge surprise considering what a hit the original series has been throughout Asia, and it appears America will be yet another successful spinoff. It'll be back for Season 2.

Arrow-verse The CW

The Entire Arrow-verse - The CW

The CW bet big on the Arrow-verse this year, and renewed each and every one of its shows ahead of its most ambitious crossover to date. Yes, fans are in for Arrow Season 8, Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, The Flash Season 6, and Supergirl Season 5. We're pumped for "Crisis On Infinite Earths," although also incredibly worried about what's happening with some of the heroes afterward. And while technically not in the Arrow-verse, Black Lightning scored a renewal for Season 3!

Shaun Freddie Highmore The Good Doctor ABC

The Good Doctor - ABC

ABC's medical drama is coming back for Season 3, which means Shaun and the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital crew will be back for another season. With Season 2 still underway it's hard to say exactly how the new season will play out, but we're hoping Dr. Glassman holds on for at least another season for Shaun's sake!

Phil Dunphy Modern Family ABC

Modern Family - ABC

After much speculation over the past few months that Modern Family would be ending, ABC President Karey Burke finally confirmed the upcoming Season 11 will be the final season. It's sad, but better the show go out still popular than stagnate and die a slow death years down the road.

rossi Criminal Minds CBS

Criminal Minds - CBS

News arrived earlier this year that Criminal Minds will be coming to an end, and that Season 15 will be the final season. The good news is that the final season will follow up on a cliffhanger for Season 14, and will resolve in the ten episodes in Season 15.

Louis Rick Hoffman Suits USA Network

Suits - USA

After a few high-profile exits from the cast, Suits is going to hang things up following its upcoming Season 9. On the bright side, more episodes to finish the story is always better than outright cancellation, and there's plenty of episodes to revisit while waiting for the final stretch.

The Simpsons Fox

The Simpsons - Fox

Apparently, three decades isn't enough for one of television's longest-running series. Fox didn't only ensure The Simpsons will return next year, but the year following as well. If only one of the show's writers had predicted this in a past episode, we may have seen this coming. Seasons 31 and 32, here we come!

The gang The Good Place NBC

The Good Place - NBC

NBC's afterlife comedy will return for yet another season, which is great because fans still can't get enough of the seemingly endless twists the program is known for. We can only guess what surprises they'll have up their sleeve for Season 4. Is it too crazy to wish for a Blake Bortles cameo?

Ryan Eggold New Amsterdam NBC

New Amsterdam - NBC

Ryan Eggold's spinoff of The Blacklist didn't gain much traction, but the actor found another home in the medical drama New Amsterdam. The program's ratings made NBC's early renewal for Season 2 a no brainer.

Brandon Michael Hall God Friended Me ABC

God Friended Me - CBS

Another freshman series from CBS, God Friended Me scored a Season 2 renewal from the network. Perhaps the next season will feature Miles discovering who is behind the "God" account? We're not so sure about that, but it wouldn't be the first time a series subverted expectations and went in a different direction.



It shouldn't be that surprising that everything Dick Wolf touches turns to gold, but somehow the famed television producer makes it amazing time and time again. Honestly, how many shows are so successful in their first season they get a spinoff? The answer is not many, which really shows how impressive this new series is.

A Million Little Things ABC

A Million Little Things - ABC

A Million Little Things captivated its audience in Season 1, and it looks like its primed to do the same in Season 2. Right now all we know is a new mystery is coming, but ABC's Karey Burke couldn't spill the details as to what's going on.


Mom - CBS

It took a bit of doing, but CBS finally managed to work out a deal that convinced Anna Faris and Allison Janey to commit to two more seasons on Mom. Here's to Seasons 7 and 8, and more years on television for these two talented actresses.

Supernatural The CW

Supernatural - The CW

There's some shows that television wouldn't be the same without, and Supernatural is certainly one of them. The show will return for Season 15, and maybe that season will feature something that can finally be made into a spinoff! Is it too soon to be making those types of jokes?

Michonne Danai Gurira The Walking Dead AMC

The Walking Dead - AMC

As expected, The Walking Dead will return for Season 10. What wasn't expected is that Danai Gurira will be the next high-profile cast member to exit, yet again cutting into the remaining long-term stars still on the program. Who needs a Daryl spin-off when he could be the only major character remaining in a couple seasons?

Dwight Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Fear The Walking Dead - AMC

Fear the Walking Dead is returning for Season 5, and if the picture above isn't enough indication, things could get a bit wild. Dwight will be the second big character from The Walking Dead to cross over, but what will he bring with his arrival?

Shark Tank ABC

Shark Tank - ABC

Business owners and inventors best be ready with their best pitches, as the Sharks are back for Season 11. The ABC series has long been a proving ground for the next big business ventures of America. Will this season transform another obscure product into a mainstream success?

JWoww Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation - MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is coming back for Season 3, even though everyone seems to be tied up in different life events at the moment. What drama will unfold on television this season? We have some clues, but the rest is a mystery.

Bachelor In Paradise - ABC

The Bachelor spinoff is back again for another season, bringing its grand total to 6. Chris Harrison will return to host another exciting season, which is sure to end in some raw emotions and broken hearts. Hey, at least these folks get a free vacation out of all of it.

Riverdale The CW

Riverdale - The CW

Riverdale could very well burn to the ground at the end of Season 3 with as crazy things are getting, but that doesn't mean it won't return for Season 4. No, it appears The CW is ready and willing to give the Archie drama another shot to up the crazy yet again, and at this point, we're certain it won't disappoint.

Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who BBC America

Doctor Who - BBC America

Doctor Who has been renewed for Season 12, but unfortunately, its premiere date is a ways away. The new season isn't supposed to premiere until 2020. Is it possible there could be a surprise Christmas special in the works that no one knows about yet? Fingers crossed!

Charmed The CW

Charmed - The CW

Charmed may have some franchise fans divided on whether it's on par with the original, but apparently not so many that The CW balked at giving it the green light for Season 2. Perhaps another season will sway others who originally said no to this series?

EZ Reyes JD Pardo Mayans M.C. FX

Mayans M.C. - FX

The Sons of Anarchy spinoff did well in its inaugural season, so it's not a surprise FX renewed it for Season 2. After the two show's featured a wild connection in the finale, is it possible the two shows will bleed into each other more than folks were previously led to believe?

Legacies The CW

Legacies - The CW

The Vampire Diaries spinoff got a renewal from The CW, which isn't a huge surprise given the original series success as was the first spin off The Originals. Really the only question at this point is whether or not this Legacies can pave the way for a spinoff or two of its own!

Jesse Dominic Cooper Preacher AMC

Preacher - AMC

AMC's Preacher has had a blessed run on television, which is somewhat ironic given how sacrilegious it is. Ratings don't appear to factor into the network's commitment of this show, as Preacher will return for Season 4. Who could have guessed?

outlander season 4 jamie claire fraser

Outlander - Starz

Sing us a song of a show that's not gone any time soon! Starz rewarded fans who were stuck in a long hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4 with a huge renewal for Outlander. The time travel drama will be back for Season 5 and Season 6! The Frasers have at least two more seasons of trouble to find themselves in.

agents of shield season 5 daisy johnson quake abc marvel

(Image credit: ABC)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ABC

The last couple months of 2018 were brutal on the Marvel TV front with the cancellations of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and then Daredevil, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got some great news. Months before the sixth season (which felt unlikely for a while itself) would hit the airwaves, S.H.I.E.L.D. was renewed for Season 7.

Renewals of major television shows happen all the time, so stick with CinemaBlend for the latest information. For a look at what's new and returning, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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