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NCIS’ Mark Harmon Reportedly Wants CBS To Back Him Up After Pauley Perrette's Claims

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Although NCIS will be heading into Season 17 this fall and should be a well run ship at this point, the show apparently still deals with its share of drama. This includes allegations from former star Pauley Perrette, who formerly played Abby Sciuto on the show and allegedly had trouble dealing with fellow star Mark Harmon’s dog on set, leading to her departure from the CBS drama.

Now, a new report seems to indicate Mark Harmon is annoyed about how the Pauley Perrette drama unfolded and really wishes CBS would back him up in regards to her claims. Crediting an “unnamed source” Radar alleges Mark Harmon may be looking to sue Pauley Perrette following her accusations. The article intimates Harmon feels “the whole thing has gotten out of hand” and wants CBS to clear the situation up. The news reportedly comes from a conference call.

However, Mark Harmon has not yet given his side of the story regarding what happened between himself and Pauley Perrette. Rumors have indicated there may have been a problem after Mark Harmon brought his dog to set, yet more recently Pauley Perrette has alleged she left due to the actor and producer on the series getting physical with her during the tenure of their working relationship.

In fact, Pauley Perrette has often come out to address her issues with NCIS and now in particular Mark Harmon. A recent tweet from the actress from earlier in June stated she was terrified of the actor, alleging,

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It should be noted that Pauley Perrette has previously indicated on social media that this drama was why she “lost her job.” Back when Abby Sciuto was heading off of the series, Perrette was the one who shared the news on social media, noting that she wanted to go out on her own terms. She has also had nothing but kind words to say about CBS and even signed on for a new series with the network. So, it’s interesting that she’s saying she “lost” her gig when the whole narrative around her exit was that she was leaving the show.

While CBS and Mark Harmon wished Pauley Perrette well when she exited NCIS, Perrette is the person involved in the reported incident(s) that has spoken publicly about them.

TNT may be the network that knows drama, but CBS doesn’t look like it’s too far behind.

Whatever really happened, NCIS has weathered the ratings storm in life post-Pauley Perrette and will be back on the air for the 2019-2020 TV season, and Mark Harmon, who plays original character Gibbs, will still be involved. If you’d like to learn more about Pauley Perrette’s big NCIS follow-up, Broke, you can head over to CBS, or take a look at what’s still hitting TV this summer with our full schedule.

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