Epic Star Trek: Picard Trailer Confirms Return Of Old Favorites

All of these teases and now this! Star Trek: Picard has released a trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, which can only be described as epic! Not only do fans get to see Patrick Stewart back in action as Jean-Luc Picard. They also get to catch a glimpse at some returning favorites. Check it out:

That’s right! Data is back for Star Trek: Picard! Brent Spiner is reprising his beloved role, and he is not alone. Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine also puts in an appearance at the end of the sizzling trailer. In related news, Marina Sirtis’ Deanna Troi and Jonathan Franks’ William T. Riker will both appear in the new series. As well as Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh.

News of those cast members return comes after a lot of hope and cryptic teases. Last month, Jonathan Frakes seemed to be hinting he would be making an on-screen return for Star Trek: Picard. It was already known that he would be directing episodes of the series’ first season. Now, his on-screen presence is confirmed.

Ever since Patrick Stewart had dinner with his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars following the Picard news, wishes for a reunion have sprung eternal. LeVar Burton recently added to the hope that more cast member could reunite on the CBS All Access series. Time will tell on who else joins Stewart for Star Trek: Picard.

Jean Luc-Picard and Star Trek fans are in for the time of their lives. As the trailer for the new series shows, Picard gets swept up into an epic adventure involving a young woman, Isa Briones' Dahj. Unfortunately, one character claims that she is the “death of all.” Not the greatest thing you could hear. Maybe, they are way off-base?

Either way, Jean-Luc Picard will have some familiar faces to help him navigate whatever comes. No longer a member of Starfleet and having retired as an admiral, Picard is clearly thirsting for a bit of adventure! Fans had been desiring that and the return of some old favorites. They are getting both!

The new character, who needs Picard’s help, is definitely going to be a significant part of the action. Also new to the series will be Merlin’s Santiago Cabrera as Cristobal “Chris” Rios. Blindspot’s Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker. Snowpiercer’s Alison Pill will star as Dr. Agnes Jurati. While Penny Dreadful’s Harry Treadaway will star as Narek, and Evan Evagora as Elnor.

Recently released promotional material revealed that Jean-Luc Picard would be rocking a new look. Now, you just got to see it in action. Star Trek: Picard looks movie-level epic, and its pedigree goes beyond the incredible production values. The story also looks like it is going to match its magnitude!

Star Trek: Picard will premiere in early 2020 on CBS All Access. Hoping to keep yourself entertained in the meantime? There are always this summer’s premieres.

Britt Lawrence

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