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There's been a dry spell of Doctor Who in 2019 as the beloved British series took a year off to have Season 12 ready for audiences to dive into come 2020. For those that have been missing the series like crazy since then, don't worry, it's coming back with a vengeance next year. Audiences will be able to stream Seasons 1 through 11 not long after the year starts, as the series becomes exclusively available to stream on HBO Max.

That's right, HBO Max has secured yet another beloved series for its streaming lineup and will have Doctor Who ready to stream at its launch in spring 2020. As previously mentioned, Seasons 1-11 will be available, which is especially significant as it will mark the first time Jodie Whittaker's inaugural season as the Doctor has been available on streaming.

The acquisition is a huge get for HBO Max, which may entice a geekier set of consumers with offerings like Doctor Who, Doom Patrol, a new Gremlins series and Game of Thrones just to name a few. It definitely feels like there's a concerted effort to draw in shows that inspire a devoted fandom, and perhaps keep those loyal fans around by introducing them to other shows that are within the same genres.

The Doctor Who acquisition is all part of a deal HBO Max has with BBC Studios. Fans of British television may want to ready their wallets for spring 2020, because HBO Max has acquired 700 episodes of some of The BBC's best programming available. Luther, Top Gear, and the original version of The Office are all included in that, so anyone completely out of the loop on the best of British television will have a lot to watch.

As great as it will be to see Doctor Who on streaming again, there is more good news. HBO Max will also add Doctor Who Season 12 when its run is complete. The streaming service has a deal set up to become the new, exclusive, streaming home for future seasons of Doctor Who after they air on BBC and BBC America. This deal is being called long-term, so while we don't know exactly how many new seasons of the science fiction staple will come to HBO Max, it sounds like we won't have to worry about where we can catch up on Doctor Who anytime soon.

Until then, 2020 is shaping up to be the year of Doctor Who, as a new season brings some additional excitement. For example, we know that showrunner Chris Chibnall will be incorporating more villains from prior seasons, which is something that didn't happen until the New Years Day special following the end of Season 11.

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As mentioned, Doctor Who is having a big year in 2020, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more details on it and other news happening in television and movies.

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