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fear the walking dead season 5 trailer screenshot

There was a point in the AMC zombie-oriented timeline  where a lot of people were more excited about the direction of Fear The Walking Dead than The Walking Dead. That’s changed in the more recent seasons, and nowhere was that more apparent than when the network’s Talking Dead sponsored a social media Q&A giving fans the opportunity to ask the showrunners questions.

Talking Dead gave fans the opportunity to throw questions at Fear The Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg. Instead of questions about the show the typical response from the fanbase looks like this:

Other fans went the full meme rent, responding with images such as this one:

Normally when people decide to get snarky or complain-y on Twitter, it’s often a small minority of people upset within the context of a larger conversation. However, in the case of this thread, a lot of the people responding were not asking questions. Or, if they were asking questions, the questions were more like this:

How much of a challenge is it to take a show and move it in a completely different direction and fuck it up in such a short period of time while trying to stay true to the established characters?

Over the past couple of seasons, Fear The Walking Dead has notably changed quite a bit. Some of this is a change in tone and direction for the show, but the AMC drama has also notably killed off several main characters, which some people have not been as excited about.

Our own Nick Venable called losing Kim Dickens’ Madison Clark back in Season 4 “the biggest blow to the senses,” if that gives you an idea of how upset people were regarding that characters’ exit from the drama.

Overall, these changes have seemingly had an effect on the ratings for Fear The Walking Dead. The show has been down in the ratings during Season 5 and just recently hit a series low. That episode was a dip of 300,000 from the weekend previous, as well. The show has slowly been bleeding viewers over the past several seasons, so this information may only somewhat correlate, but it still could be argued it's a sign the show is not trending in the right direction.

Nonetheless, Season 5 is expected to run through the end of September and shortly after AMC’s parent series The Walking Dead will be back on October 6. Still, if this tweet thread is any indication, it could be a while before Talking Dead opts to try a Q&A stunt like this one again.

Ultimately, I have to ask, how do you think the direction of Fear The Walking Dead has gone? Are you happy with Season 5 or do you think the show has lost its way?

Has Fear The Walking Dead Lost Its Way?