This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Reveals Which Storyline Was The Hardest For Her To Film

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This Is Us is a series with a lot of emotion, and covers some pretty heavy topics. Episodes on difficult situations can be tough to watch, and apparently just as tough to film. That's the case for Chrissy Metz at least, who revealed a particularly difficult storyline for her as Kate Pearson.

Surprisingly, Chrissy Metz did not mention Season 4's ongoing drama between Kate and Toby as her most difficult storyline to soldier through. Instead, she went back to an arc from before that ended up having a personal connection to her real life.

Season 2 was the hardest for me, because of [Kate’s] miscarriage story line. But what was really amazing was, someone dear to me went through one, and while I wasn’t able to talk to her about it while we were doing it on the show ... it was nice to understand, maybe in a different way, what she went through — obviously not completely, but to sort of have that conversation and ability to understand more.

Kate's miscarriage was a powerful This Is Us storyline, though perhaps a bit overshadowed by the flashbacks that revealed the details of Jack's death. The story resonated with Chrissy Metz, who then told Good Housekeeping the experience helped her have a better understanding of the struggles someone she cared about went through.

While tackling issues like a miscarriage so that people can have conversations can't be the sole purpose of This Is Us crafting these storylines, the show does take a measure of care in research in approaching them. Consultants have been brought into the writers room to cover different sorts of topics, and the diverse writing staff have their own experiences to draw upon for writing as well. Given that level of care, it wouldn't be surprising if these episodes give people a much deeper understanding of what others go through.

Kate's miscarriage did have a somewhat optimistic resolution on This Is Us, though things are less than perfect in her life following the birth of her and Toby's son Jack. Jack's sight is impaired, and Toby is struggling with the reality that many of the expectations he had for a child weren't met. The situation has caused a rift between him and Kate, and could very well spell the end of their marriage. Kate's miscarriage may be the hardest storyline Chrissy Metz has done so far, but who knows if that will still be the case by the end of this season.

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