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Snowpiercer's Showrunner On the Most Interesting Part Of Season 1 Finale In Regards To Season 2

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale. Read at your own risk!

Following Snowpiercer's crazy Season 1 cliffhanger, fans may already have questions about what's next for the TNT drama. Luckily, a Season 2 renewal is already in the books, though fans have quite a wait before getting all the answers they need regarding the new train, and the potential arrival of Mr. Wilford.

So what from Season 1's finale should we be focusing on in regards to Season 2? I spoke to Snowpiercer showrunner Graeme Manson about the finale and Season 1 and got his opinion on what folks should be thinking about when thinking ahead for the series:

Well, I think what's really interesting is Layton and Melanie appear to be thrown together in what may have to be an alliance if indeed the great Mr. Wilford has latched on to the Tail. After a season of them at odds and then no Layton, I think Melanie is essentially coming to understand the difficulty of survival aboard Snowpiercer and becoming far more aware of the ethical lines. So I think that's really interesting territory.

Melanie and Layton may have to join forces, which should make for a pretty damn good team. Assuming they're willing to work in tandem of course, as I think there's still a general unease on Layton's end of trusting Melanie. Even when she was being helpful, she still fated Layton to condemning the lives of innocent souls during the separation of the train cars, so Snowpiercer fans can't blame him for that.

And who's to say Melanie Cavill will be the same person she was following the arrival of her daughter? Between that, Wilford's arrival, dissent amongst residents in the Snowpiercer, and Melanie being stuck outside the train, a lot is happening all at once. Graeme Manson says that was intentional and elaborated on how that impacts Season 2:

When we were shaping the season that really seemed like a real massive throw forward. A real cliffhanger where there's now a lot of turf to expand.

There certainly were a lot of moving pieces before another train attached itself to the Snowpiercer and, now, you're taking all that plus all the baggage of the second train and adding that to the equation. Not to mention Mr. Wilford's arrival may complicate the newly established order of the train, especially with Ruth treating his arrival like the salvation the train so desperately needed. All of this talk makes the wait for Season 2 feel unbearable, though I suppose that's better than it would've been if Snowpiercer's fate was currently uncertain.

Snowpiercer Season 1 is over, but viewers can check out the episodes on TNT's website and through on-demand services. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the series, and for a look at what else is coming to television and movies in 2020.

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