Why Big Brother's Da'Vonne Rogers Felt 'So Bad' About How She Played All-Stars

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Big Brother All-Stars lost another fan favorite last week when Da'Vonne Rogers was sent packing in another decisive vote in favor of The Committee's wishes. It was a good run for Da'Vonne's third outing in the house, though slightly soiled in her opinion because the run didn't end with her winning the game.

Da'Vonne was candid in her eviction speech about feeling like she let down fans by not taking home a win in Big Brother All-Stars, but revealed to EW that she also feels like she let folks down with another aspect of her game. Da'Vonne talked about her past runs in the game compared to her latest:

And the whole time I was there, I was having an internal battle because I have had youth and young adults and even adult-adult, write me after the show and saying, ‘Hey, Da’Vonne, you encouraged me to stand up to my bully.’ Or ‘You encouraged me to find my voice. You encouraged me to find my inner strength.’ And I'm preaching to them about doing that and how that's right. And always stand up for yourself and don't let anyone silence you or steal your power. And then I come into this game and there's a muzzle on my mouth, and I just felt so bad about that.

It's easy to understand Da'Vonne's regret about not being a truer version of herself, especially when she ended up in the jury house all the same. Of course, that wasn't necessarily a result of her actions, but being out of the loop of a majority alliance. Not that Da'Vonne knew that until after she was out of the house, and houseguests revealed the identity of The Committee in their goodbye messages.

Da'Vonne Rogers couldn't hold her regret regarding how she played the game in before she actually left Big Brother All-Stars. She addressed the issue to the rest of the house before she made her exit. In her veto speech, Da'Vonne made some things clear. Now that she has left the house, she said:

And so it bothered me daily. And so when I did the veto speech, I said, ‘I’m tired of that. I'm Da’Vonne and I have to be Da’Vonne all the way through. So this is me.’ And as you can see, when I decided to be me, I ended up here. They can't handle it.

Houseguests later said the veto speech sealed Da'Vonne Rogers' fate, though it was more or less clear that nothing she could've done would've saved her over Kevin Campbell. Perhaps Da'Vonne can take solace in the fact that she was at least able to speak her piece before exiting, and really, it had no real basis in why she was taken out of the game.

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