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Big Brother's Angela Rummans Contacted The FBI Over Fans' Disturbing Reaction To All-Stars' Tyler Crispen

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By now, it's more or less common knowledge that Big Brother All-Stars is not shaping up to be the fantastic experience many thought it would be going in. The frustration with "boring" and predictable gameplay has led fans to try and influence the game by shouting secrets to houseguests and has overall created some bitter and biting commentary from fans and former players on the internet.

Of course, with that commentary comes darker comments from some, and threats that are dangerous and harmful to those involved in the game. After witnessing some excessive toxicity and threats in regards to the game, former Big Brother player Angela Rummans has had enough. Angela, who is dating current All-Stars houseguest Tyler Crispen, told fans in a recent YouTube video that she's been in contact with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, and that she's hoping to bring some of this to an end.

There's been a lot of crazy stuff on Twitter, so much hate to the point where I've had to file police reports. I've spoken to a lot of different people of authority and I've really gotten down to what needs to happen in order to get rid of some of this hate. There is a website called and it's the best place where you can go and report these usernames on Twitter...I've never seen this amount of hate in my life towards every single person in this house.

Angela Rummans encouraged fans to report accounts posting threats and other harmful things to the IC3 website, which would then keep tabs on the accounts over time. Rummans alleged that this action wasn't explicitly done for Tyler Crispen or anyone else in the Big Brother All-Stars cast's benefit, but more to put a stop to these toxic people who may do these same activities in their day to day lives.

If the purpose of the post was to put an end to the toxicity surrounding Big Brother All-Stars, Angela Rummans may have underestimated how the internet fanbase responds to threats. Within hours Angela's threat to call the FBI became a meme, and there were plenty of people having fun at her expense after the video.

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Why many in the Big Brother online community have responded poorly to the message isn't completely known, but there are a couple of options. The first is that Angela claimed she isn't doing this on behalf of the cast, Tyler Crispen, or herself, which would be a completely valid reason to report these accounts. The second is that Big Brother Twitter can be a really toxic fandom, though this situation did allow for one particularly hilarious callback to Old School Big Brother, if you ask me.

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Hello, young Kaysar Ridha! Sharing these memes is in no way meant to discredit Angela Rummans' message because sending death threats or threatening violence over Big Brother All-Stars is not cool. At the same time, Angela may have been better off not openly announcing that she got the FBI involved which essentially poked the bear and got the toxic side of the fandom to pursue her more directly. Hopefully, commentary lightens up as the game continues, but right now, it's looking like this trend of negativity from the fandom could run all season long.

Big Brother All-Stars airs on CBS Tuesday, September 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the reality series, and for the latest happening in television and movie news.

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