The View’s Meghan McCain Opens Up About Her First Election Day Without Father John McCain

Meghan McCain on The View

Another election day has come and gone, though US citizens are still waiting for the final results. It goes without saying that election day can be stressful for many but, for some, it’s a time to be with family as history unfolds. This seems to have been the case for The View’s Meghan McCain, who would spend the day with her late father, senator John McCain. The 2020 election marked McCain’s first election day without her dad, and the TV host recently opened up about her experience with this year’s election.

John McCain passed away in 2018 following a battle with brain cancer. Although Meghan McCain experienced election night without her father, this also marked the first year that she could experience it with her daughter, Liberty, who was born in September. In an Instagram post, McCain expressed her joy in being able to share the moment with her baby girl:

My first Election Day without my dad is my first with my daughter Liberty. Feeling overwhelmed with nostalgia and warm sentiments about the circle of life.... I love Election Day, always will.

In her original message, Meghan McCain also included a message in which she attempted to ease her followers’ concerns and anxiety regarding the election. You can check out her message down below:

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Having had a father who was a state senator for over 30 years, it’s safe to say that politics were a major part of Meghan McCain’s life. She even entered the political sphere herself when she hit the trail for her father’s own presidential campaign back in 2008. So it’s easy to understand just how many feelings must have come to the surface when experiencing her first election night without him.

Meghan McCain may not have entered a true career in politics as her father did, but she does get to discuss it in depth with her colleagues on The View. Sometimes this leads to some heated discussions. Many have made note of the aspect of the long-running daytime talk show, but host and moderator Whoopi Goldberg has downplayed any true infighting within the group. She chalks this up to the hosts merely doing their jobs.

There does appear to be genuine love and respect among the hosts, though. Not too long ago, Meghan McCain penned a sweet tribute to Whoopi Goldberg. In the message, she thanked her for her unending support, friendship and political perspective.

Even though Meghan McCain is missing her father as the nation experiences another big moment in history, she can take comfort in knowing that she can now share it with her daughter. As she mentions in her post, this is ultimately just an element of “the circle of life.”

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