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Jake Paul's Officially Moving, Saying Goodbye To That Crib That Was Part Of His FBI Raid

Jake Paul in his home in music video Calabasas, CA

Jake Paul is getting the heck out of Calabasas. While the possibility of moving hasn’t been out of the question over the last few months as the YouTube star leans more into the realm of boxing than viral videos, shifting states is still a big move. Particularly because it means that Jake Paul will be saying goodbye to the home that has made a lot of headlines over the years, thanks to popping up in viral videos. Oh yeah, and also thanks to the now-infamous FBI Raid.

Earlier in 2020, Jake Paul made headlines after the FBI literally came into his home, served a warrant and even removed some guns and computers from his property. The news was even more intriguing because for a while no one could figure out exactly why Jake Paul’s home had been raided. Theories ranged from being looked into thanks to throwing a slew of wild parties during quarantine and incurring the ire of the local Calabasas government to Paul’s ties to the looting in an Arizona mall earlier in the year.

As it turns out, the FBI raid was later determined to have come as part of an investigation into the looting at the Arizona mall around the time of the George Floyd protests over the summer. Since then, Jake Paul’s crib has managed to mostly stay out of the headlines -- until recently when news broke it’s going on the market.

So, if you want to be a part of FBI and --I guess in some ways -- YouTube history, you will soon be able to purchase the home, though it will cost you. Jake Paul's home is not going to be cheap to acquire, as TMZ reports it'll be going on the market for $7 million bucks. It is worth noting the estate is huge for California standards, with a 3.5-acre lot. It also boasts eight bedrooms and 15,045 square feet of living space. In short, you could do worse.

The move also shouldn't be a surprise for those of you who have been watching Jake Paul as he tries to make his boxing career boom. He actually spent about four months training in Las Vegas for his big bout with Nate Robinson earlier this year, so he hasn't been in California much in recent months anyway. And reports indicate he's potentially moving to Miami, which is a very boxing-friendly city to keep pursuing fights and hopefully make some good purse money.

Next up, it will actually be Jake's also-famous brother Logan Paul who is making a lot of the headlines, as he's already signed on for a boxing bout with the famous Floyd Mayweather. That match is happening on February 20, 2021. In the meantime, it briefly looked like Jake Paul might fight Ben Askren, though that potential fight has gotten murkier in recent weeks. We'll have to wait and see if all the chirping he's been doing leads to something on the schedule.

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