Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Reveal About The Walking Dead's Fake Blood Might Be Grosser Than The Zombies

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has served up all manner of zombies over the years that have ranged from terrifying to perplexing to downright disgusting, and it's honestly impressive that the show still finds new ways to deliver gross zombies after all these years. That said, based on some comments from zombie apocalypse veteran Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the fake blood on the set of the AMC series may actually be grosser than the zombies.

As far as zombie kills go, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan is probably up there on the list with one of the highest counts. Negan has had his fair share of human kills, too (RIP Glenn). This means Morgan has had a great deal of fake blood play during his time on The Walking Dead. During an appearance on Hot Ones, the actor says just how disgusting it can be on set as Negan:

You’d be amazed at how little we actually touch the zombies when we’re killing them. I’ll give you a little secret, I went out of the camera frame today with the crowbar after it looked like I whacked the zombie, and dipped the crowbar into a bucket of pig guts. I come up with it and it looks like I had just wiped out the zombie.

Honestly, at that point I think touching a zombie would be preferable. I just wonder how long the pig gut bucket has been sitting there. Are they fresh pig guts or…? Whose job is it to clean the bucket, or does it never get cleaned and it’s a never-ending cycle of new guts on old? I have so many questions, but maybe it’s best if they go unanswered.

The characters on The Walking Dead do seem to have a thin film of grime on them at all times. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s new intel, it’s very likely that the clothes the actors wear are just stained with pig guts.

The last bonus episode of Season 10 dropped last week, and as fate would have it, the episode happened to be one centering on Negan himself. “Here’s Negan," named after his comic book spin off, was a kind of origin story for Negan and gave us a little taste of what made up Negan’s good and bad side.

Although Season 10 has concluded and the end of The Walking Dead has been announced, we have a whole Season 11 to look forward to. Season 11 is currently filming and is set to premiere in August of this year. With Negan and Maggie having now met once again, more fake blood is sure to be in our future with Season 11.

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