Things Not Looking So Rosy For Vanderpump Rosè After Bugs Found In Bottles

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2021 has been a wild ride for Lisa Vanderpump. The reality star is slowly regaining her restaurant businesses as pandemic-enforced shutdowns and restrictions are being lifted, allowing filming for Vanderpump Rules’ next season to pick up (finally). Vanderpump has also been faced with lawsuits and ongoing feuds in the same span of time – but now it seems the restauranteur can also add “bugs found in Vanderpump Rosè bottles” to the list of problems.

Page Six reported that a 2018 batch of Vanderpump Rosè bottles have seemingly been contaminated by earwigs. Allegedly, a Las Vegas liquor store noticed the bugs and prevented them from being sold to the public. A source close to the situation said:

I recommend everyone thoroughly inspect any bottle of Vanderpump Rosé before purchasing and consuming them.

Bugs in rosè is more than a little gross, but Lisa Vanderpump can hardly be faulted for the supposed ordeal. The source speculated that the bottling facility was likely at fault for the contamination if the bottles weren’t cleaned properly before packaging and distribution. Palm Bay International, which is Vanderpump’s rosè distributor, stated that they have “never” had complaints of bugs before. They said in a statement,

This is the first we are learning of it. We stand behind the quality and integrity of the wines in our portfolio and require rigorous standards at the production and bottling facilities that we work with.

Though this issue may be a first for Vanderpump Rosè, Lisa Vanderpump has certainly had to deal with a number of harsh criticisms and lawsuits against her restaurants this past year. Her PUMP restaurant was even reportedly suspended for a short time because of unpaid taxes. There was also a produce bill snafu in March, as well as a class action lawsuit by former employees who accused Vanderpump of not paying them overtime, altering timesheets, and other complaints.

If bugs and business weren’t already bad enough, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has even found herself at the forefront of several feuds. Oddly enough, these feuds seem to center around accusations of dining and dashing. Lisa Vanderpump accused Kelly Dodd (now Leventhal) of not paying at one of her restaurants, prompting one of Dodd’s signature blow-ups on social media. In turn, Vanderpump has even been accused by her former BFF Kyle Richards of not paying a bill recently.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has continued without Lisa Vanderpump, who left in 2019, with Season 11 just premiering on May 19. No worries, as Vanderpump still has her pick of the reality show litter: Vanderpump Rules, Pooch Perfect, and Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump. Surely, though, buggy rosè is not one of her favorite vintages either – and might consider getting to the bottom of this one.

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