Jeopardy Champ Revealed She Accurately Predicted Winning Total Before Taping

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I'm sure that, for most people, competing on a game show brings up lots of feelings. On one hand, it's probably something that they've dreamed about for quite a while and definitely the opportunity of a lifetime to show off your smarts / skills. On the other hand, it's also probably nerve-racking to think of standing up in front of potentially millions of people. There are likely dozens of ways that contestants end up battling their fears in that regard, and it turns out that one recent Jeopardy! champ visualized herself winning, and ended up landing on her exact total before the taping.

Recent Jeopardy! winner Katie Sekelsky was first seen on the long-running contest on Friday, June 11, and had a winning streak that ran through the following Tuesday. After Wednesday's show saw Sekelsky's wins run dry when she got the Final Jeopardy! answer wrong, though, she took to Twitter to let everyone know she managed to visualize herself winning the exact amount she had by the end of the Tuesday show. Take a look, and we can discuss, below:

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First of all, kudos to Katie Sekelsky on her Jeopardy! wins, and on being able to calm herself with some artful visualization. Secondly...WHAT MAGICKS ARE THESE?! The only real difference between what Sekelsky drew and what ended up happening on her Tuesday show, is that she gave herself different clothes, as you can see from the bolo tie in her drawing. If she had also guessed at her winning question, well, I think we'd be able to elect her our new Nostradamus and call it a day. (I know no one elects Nostradamuses, but if we did, I think she'd be good at it.)

Now, before you cry foul and assume that Nostra...I mean, Sekelsky has employed some sort of photo editing trickery here, or even drew this picture after her appearance on the show, she's already dismissed those ideas. In her thread on the fascinating coincidence, Sekelsky noted that she sent a picture of the drawing to three separate people before the taping, and provided all of their Twitter handles to willingly give "receipts" to anyone who inquired. She also said that the amount she guessed in her artwork wasn't on her mind when wagering, so, you know, she might need to sign up for the adult Hogwarts night school or something.

For the most part, those who commented on her nearly unbelievable post were just amazed by how Sekelsky was able to correctly nail that dollar amount. They were also very supportive and had lots of well-wishes for her future on Jeopardy!, which probably makes her feel good, despite the eventual loss.

Jeopardy! airs every weekday (with more rotating guest hosts until they find a permanent replacement), so be sure to check your local listings for times. If you need more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to 2021 summer TV premieres!

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