Heidi Klum Is Relaxing And Sunbathing Nude Ahead Of America's Got Talent's Live Episodes

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Acting as a judge on America's Got Talent might not be the most difficult gig in the world, but that doesn't mean it's easy. There are always a lot of tough decisions to make when one holds people's hopes and dreams in one's hands, as the judges on AGT so frequently do, and it makes sense that Heidi Klum would take some time out before the live shows kick into high gear, to relax and sunbathe nude.

America's Got Talent Season 16 has been rolling along for about a month and a half now, and with the live shows set to start in the second week of August, now is as good of a time as any for judges Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell to get as much relaxed time in as possible before the popular competition begins airing two nights a week. With that, Klum, who's now in her eighth season as a judge on AGT, recently posted a snap to Instagram to show off the nude sunbathing time she's using to help her relax. Take a look!

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OK, I know most of you are probably peeping Heidi Klum's assorted body parts while looking at this photo, and that is both understandable, and clearly what the long-time supermodel / host was after when she posted this shot of her reclining in the carefully covered buff. But, the thing I notice most about this picture has nothing to do with Klum's flat stomach or well-guarded nipples. Instead, I'm struck by how uncomfortable this pose looks.

Maybe it's just the angle that the photograph was taken at, but doesn't Heidi Klum's long form look sort of crunched up here? The fact that her legs are bent in toward each other likely doesn't help, but look at how her head is laying against that back cushion. This might just be my inner old lady talking, but I cannot imagine being able to get up from that position without both a sore neck and a screwy back.

Also? Look at Heidi Klum's non-boob covering hand. Does it look to anyone else like she put it there for the best position in the photo, but then it fell asleep and she had to shake it out just to be able to put her clothes back on? Of course, Klum could have a whole team of people who follow her around and put her clothes on for her, so it's possible that having body parts fall into temporary uselessness isn't really a problem for the modeling / reality show royalty.

I could be way off base about this. Not only is Klum a pro who's likely been in a lot of uncomfortable situations just for the sake of a cool photo, but I can see her also being used to getting out of those uncomfortable positions really fast. Luckily, Heidi Klum still has plenty of time for a lot of nude sunbathing before she'll be due on the America's Got Talent set for the second half of Season 16 and all of those thrilling live episodes.

America's Got Talent airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, and when the live episodes start with non-audition performances it'll go to twice a week, with the results show on Wednesdays at the same time. For more to watch right now, check out our 2021 summer TV schedule!

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