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30 Rock Adds Bryan Cranston And Catherine O'Hara As Guest Stars For Season 7

With Breaking Bad having just wrapped up the first half of its final season on AMC, it was looking like we weren't going to see Bryan Cranston on the small screen until next summer. While we'll still have to wait until next summer for Breaking Bad to return, Bryan Cranston will be appearing in NBC's comedy series 30 Rock at some point in the series' upcoming seventh season.

Vague 30 Rock spoilers ahead!

It looks like we're going to be meeting Kenneth's mother and her "friend" this season on 30 Rock. And in a stroke of casting excellence, the comedy series has signed Catherine O'Hara and Bryan Cranston on to play the roles. TV Guide posted the news, stating that O'Hara will play Kenneth's mother, while Cranston will play his mother's "friend" Ron. There's no word on when they'll appear, but TV Guide speculates that the characters might show up due to his relationship with Kristen Schaal's character Hazel.

Likely well known for playing the mother of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone (and the first sequel), some of O'Hara's best work can be seen in Christopher Guest's films (Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman). Meanwhile, Cranston may be blowing us away with just how far and how dark he can take his character Walter White on Breaking Bad, but many of us remember him well for his role as Hal on Malcolm in the Middle. Needless to say, both are well seasoned in comedy work, so it should be exciting to see what kind of quirkiness, if any, they bring to their roles on 30 Rock.

30 Rock returns for Season 7 on Thursday, October 4 on NBC.

Kelly West
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