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Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 and the comic book series below.

It seems like just yesterday that The Walking Dead kicked off Season 6 with the biggest herd of walkers the survivors had ever seen. Well, I guess it was just yesterday for the characters, as this first half of the season took place over just a couple of hectic days. But because of that unique and sometimes interesting approach, which often tethered focused to a limited number of characters, the show wasn’t able to deliver as much as we were expecting, storywise.

Here are 5 big things that The Walking Dead has yet to bring to audiences in Season 6. It’s possible that some of these won’t show up at all when the show returns in February, or it’s possible they may get adjusted in some way in the adaptation process. In any case, we’ll still be waiting.

Carl’s Big Moment
When the midseason finale ended on Sunday night, it was right when Rick, Jessie, their children and others were walking through the herd totally decked out in walker-gut ponchos. Things ended right when Sam opened his stupid fucking mouth, and comic fans know that this asinine utterance leads to the group getting attacked mid-escape. It’s not really clear what will happen to Jessie, Sam and Ron, but we’re damned certain that Carl is going to lose an eye in the process. And we’re also pretty sure it’ll be either an act of revenge dressed up as an accident, or a legitimate accident that will inspire an act of revenge. Either way , the kids will finally do something cool.
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The Wolves’ True Purpose
It’s possible that I’m being the most naïve dunderhead on the entire planet by thinking that something else is going to happen in this show that magically makes the entire Wolves “arc” feel like it was actually worth pondering over and talking about for much of the last year. Had things just come to a clear ending with the attack in “JSS,” then I might have just accepted the group’s fleetingness and moved on. But Morgan kept one of them hostage – that same one that he avoided killing to begin with – and his presence caused a fight between Morgan and Carol, and then he escaped with his own hostage. Is it possible that this situation’s resolution will earn my appreciation for The Wolves? Eh. I hope it’s not just all meant to show us that Morgan’s “life is precious” mantra is dumb, because we already knew that.
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The New Characters Doing Something Interesting
I was so very jazzed to find out that Corey Hawkins and Merritt Wever were joining The Walking Dead as comic characters Heath and Denise, respectively, along with Ethan Embry and a few others. But over these eight episodes, the new characters have arguably added less to the show than any new characters in past seasons. Embry’s Carter made a stink of things and then got killed off immediately. Denise just reads a lot and revealed she likes to kiss girls. And Heath…well, he certainly rocks that hairdo. I know those two in particular weren’t the most important people in the comics – where they were a loving couple – and that this season hasn’t allowed much in the way of character development, but I simply cannot sit through these quality actors being wasted for the rest of Season 6. Denise better live through her hostage situation.
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Morgan and Michonne
Speaking of romantic couples, I know I’m not the only one that wants to see Morgan and Michonne extracting some stress by way of bedroom shenanigans. For the longest time (and still to this day), fans have wanted to see Michonne and Rick take it to the sheets, but I’m much more interested in this being a time when the show truly respects the comics. Yes, everyone in The Walking Dead has experienced tragedy, but both Morgan and Michonne have lost a loved one and a child due to the outbreak, and they’re both very powerful people that think before they leap. Plus, it’s never been clear – Clear! – if either of them can leave their time in the wild behind for something resembling society. Not exactly a Harlequin novel, but genuine nonetheless.
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Jesus’ Introduction
Yeah, we’re waiting on Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan to make his way to the show, and hearing his name was cool and all. But we know that’s going to be great, so I’m far more curious to see how this show handles Paul “Jesus” Monroe, easily one of the comic’s best characters. I’m not that familiar with actor Tom Payne’s work, so I don’t have a real idea of what he’ll be like as Jesus, but set photos have shown him wearing his stocking cap, so at least there’s that. Jesus represents everything positive about the post-apocalyptic world: patience, understanding, compassion, weapon skills and badass hand-to-hand combat. He could be the one character who could out-Daryl Daryl in terms of fan popularity. We certainly hope he’s that great.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC (hopefully with all of these items in tow) on Sunday, February 14.
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