Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 and the comic book series below.

It seems like just yesterday that The Walking Dead kicked off Season 6 with the biggest herd of walkers the survivors had ever seen. Well, I guess it was just yesterday for the characters, as this first half of the season took place over just a couple of hectic days. But because of that unique and sometimes interesting approach, which often tethered focused to a limited number of characters, the show wasn’t able to deliver as much as we were expecting, storywise.

Here are 5 big things that The Walking Dead has yet to bring to audiences in Season 6. It’s possible that some of these won’t show up at all when the show returns in February, or it’s possible they may get adjusted in some way in the adaptation process. In any case, we’ll still be waiting.

Carl’s Big Moment
When the midseason finale ended on Sunday night, it was right when Rick, Jessie, their children and others were walking through the herd totally decked out in walker-gut ponchos. Things ended right when Sam opened his stupid fucking mouth, and comic fans know that this asinine utterance leads to the group getting attacked mid-escape. It’s not really clear what will happen to Jessie, Sam and Ron, but we’re damned certain that Carl is going to lose an eye in the process. And we’re also pretty sure it’ll be either an act of revenge dressed up as an accident, or a legitimate accident that will inspire an act of revenge. Either way , the kids will finally do something cool.

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