After teasing fans yesterday with a trailer teaser (yes, apparently these are sticking around), Marvel unveiled the first trailer for the Netflix series Daredevil earlier today. At one minute and 30 seconds, the preview gave the audience a taste of what is to come without giving too much away. Starring Charlie Cox as the titular protagonist, Daredevil will follow blind lawyer Matt Murdock as he fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen to dish out justice that the legal system can’t.
The trailer can be best defined by Matt’s statement to the priest: “I’m not seeking forgiveness for what I’ve done. I’m asking forgiveness for what I’m about to do.” As Matt narrates the struggles he’s going through, we catch different shots of his life, like his special abilities, people who are important to him (whether they’re good or bad) and most importantly, him fighting crime dressed like a ninja. There was a lot to take in from this Daredevil preview, and here are the five most important moments the trailer gave us, from character introductions to one of Matt’s first nights out on the town.

5. A Glimpse Of Daredevil’s Powers
5. A Glimpse Of Daredevil’s Powers
Daredevil’s powers may not be as flashy as what the other Marvel heroes have, but they help him get the job done in Hell’s Kitchen. Blinded as a boy, Matt Murdock’s remaining four senses were heightened to superhuman levels. In addition, he also gained a ‘radar’ sense to compensate for his lost sight, which in many ways works much better than his eyes ever did. The specific sense we see in action during this trailer is Matt’s enhanced hearing, which he uses to pinpoint specific voices. While on the job (crime-fighting, not being a lawyer), these are usually cries of distress or threats being made. We’ll see the other senses in action when the series debuts, and it will be especially interesting to see how the radar sense is visually represented compared to the 2003 movie.

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