Netflix has such a wide variety of TV shows that the most difficult part of watching tends to be settling on what to pull out of the queue. Between old shows that we might have missed in their original runs, favorite shows that we can rewatch until the end of time, and fabulous original shows such as House of Cards, the TV options for Netflix alone are worth the subscription.

It is, however, all too easy to get sucked into what I call the Netflix Vortex. All it takes is one good show, and trivial things such as sleep can take a backseat. There’s always a deep disappointment to the discovery that some such shows aren’t available anymore. Here are 7 big shows that I miss Netflix streaming.

Some seasons of 24 were definitely better than others, but Jack Bauer’s first day of high-octane adventure was thrilling enough to suck me in for the long haul. The premise of 24 episodes of real-time action was intriguing on its own, and Counter Terrorist Unit operative Jack Bauer’s original battle to save a presidential candidate from assassination, while also rescuing his own family from attempts on their lives, was impossible to want to turn off once it started playing. I could watch Kiefer Sutherland punch and chase for…well, about eight seasons. Alas, no longer on Netflix.

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