As one of the most popular shows on TV, The Walking Dead has a fanbase that is usually far more rabid and opinionated than those of other popular shows like CBS procedurals and Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday night dramas. As such, there are several aspects of the show and its characters that get debated by fans (and haters) on a daily basis all across the Internet, without an easy solution in sight. Here are 8 of the biggest arguments that The Walking Dead has been inspiring in viewers over the past five years and will presumably continue to do so. And I fully expect the comments to fill up, readers, so don’t disappoint me. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

the walking dead
How Closely Should the Show Mirror the Comics?
It’s the same back-and-forth discussion that people have when their favorite books are turned into movies, with the caveat that The Walking Dead is still going, with new stories and plot points always being added. Some live by the fact that the TV show should stick to the comics as much as possible, since that’s how creator Robert Kirkman originally envisioned this post-apocalyptic tale. On the flip side, watching Kirkman retell the exact same story for television wouldn’t be that fun for him, particularly if he has specific regrets, and there’s the argument that if one wants to experience everything in the comics, they should just read the comics. Showrunner Scott Gimple and Kirkman try to find a good middle ground by remixing characters and stories to keep things fresh and familiar at the same time. Still, that will likely never make everyone happy.

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