90210's Jason Priestley And Gabrielle Carteris Reunite For Old Navy Commercial

Old Navy's known for featuring celebrities in their commercials, and a recent one to hit the air and the internet has two former Beverly Hills, 90210 cast members reuniting on screen. Watch Gabrielle Carteris let her feelings for Jason Priestley slip as the two observe the wardrobes of the students wandering the school.

Anyone familiar with the original teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210 knows that Andrea's unrequited crush on Brandon was a recurring theme during the earlier seasons, before she went on to get impregnated by a bartender/law student during her college years. Andrea and Brandon had a few brushes with the possibility of love, but if memory serves, Andrea came closer to having a thing with Steve than she ever really did with Brandon, unless you count that time she offered herself to him while riding on a carousel. There was that...

I'm usually not a fan of Old Navy's advertising, but I'll make an exception for a good 90210 joke, and we get one at the end of this ad, which focuses on advertising Old Navy's kids clothes.

Not only is it funny to see Carteris "accidentally" whisper "I love you" loud enough for her Brandon to hear, but I expect this will hit the right audience, as I'm thinking at least some parents of kids in the age-range featured wearing Old Navy clothes here watched 90210 back in the 90's.

Kelly West
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