ABC Family Secures Syndication Rights For The Middle

Atticus Shaffer on The Middle
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By comparison to Modern Family, which is arguably one of, if not the best family-centric comedy on television, The Middle seems a bit under-praised. The single-camera comedy is not only regularly funny, but also captures the humor in the life of a completely average family.

The Middle is a single-camera comedy that airs Wednesday nights on ABC. It stars Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn as Frankie and Mike, the parents of three kids, living in the suburbs of Indiana. As mentioned, the Heck family is pretty average all around, but they get by. The oldest of the three children excels at sports but isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Middle-child Sue is awkward but enthusiastic at everything she does. And young Brick keeps his nose in a book most of the time, and has a tendency to whisper random words at his chest for no apparent reason. In addition to being funny, the series has had some great moments and touches on various issues related to parenting and being a part of a family in today’s society.

While the comedy might not see the same praise or award nomination recognition as Modern Family, nor the same ratings, it’s still doing decently on ABC, and will hopefully be around for a while. Fans of the series looking to find the reruns may eventually need only to look to ABC Family. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC’s cable network ABC Family has secured the syndication rights for The Middle. Repeats of the comedy will begin airing on ABC Family fall 2013.

In the meantime, catch new episodes of The Middleon ABC Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m.

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