ABC Orders Six Of Game Show The Six

Contestants on What? Where? When?
(Image credit: TV Igra)

With all this talk of pilot pick-ups, how about a six-episode commitment to a series. ABC has given just that to The Six, a game show that has been a hit in Russia for 35 years under the name What? Where? When?, as reported by Deadline. Rather than dealing with questions of knowledge and trivia, The Six tackles questions of logic.

The show pits viewers against six experts who try to answer logic questions selected by spinning a horizontal wheel -- so it's like Wheel of Fortune without the spelling? But what do I mean by viewers? The question are sent in by viewers at home. If the panel fails to answer your selected question, you win the prize, so it promises a very interactive experience. ABC has tapped popular British host Vernon Kay to headline the series.

No word yet on when the series might make it to air, but it sounds like a format that would fit in very well with our current slate of syndicated game shows, as well as finding mass appeal in prime time. After all, if Deal or No Deal and Minute to Win It can make it, why not something that engages the audience literally and challenges the mind.