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ABC Renews 6 Including Grey's Anatomy And Modern Family

Early season renewals are never the most dramatic fare, but sometimes it’s nice to get ‘em out of the way so there’s not that nagging doubt in the back of your head. That’s certainly the case with ABC. Today, the network gave official pickups to Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. Since they’re the network’s top drama and comedy respectively among the younger, money-making crowd, there would have been quite an uproar among fans if ABC even waited the whole season to renew, let along actually passed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Shonda Rhimes produced Private Practice was also given another full season order, along with Castle, Cougar Town and The Middle. No word yet on V or Brothers And Sisters, but they should still be considered iffy at best.

The new episode orders will put Grey’s Anatomy through at least an eighth season, Private Practice through a fifth and Modern Family, Cougar Town and The Middle through their thirds. By the time this runs out, Castle will have somehow made it through a fourth season, incredible considering that show has fought off cancellation rumors at least three times.

Mack Rawden

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