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AMC is giving viewers a chance to get caught up on their excellent (and Emmy winning) drama series Breaking Bad by re-airing the first three seasons over the course of the next few months.

While the network prepares for Season 4, fans (and potential fans) can watch the series from the beginning, starting this Wednesday night. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle), who plays Walter White, a high school science teacher who’s worked hard for years to find a nice, not-so-comfortable spot at the middle only to learn he’s dying of cancer. Upon realizing he’s about to leave his pregnant wife and son with financial troubles and not much else, he decides to use his science-smarts to cook meth and teams up with a former student to get his product sold.

Breaking Bad is edgy to say the least as the moral lines are extremely blurry and make for interesting conflict. Cranston's earned every one of his Emmy’s playing Walter White as a desperate but not unlikable man on the edge. If you haven’t seen the show or if, like me, you fell behind somewhere along the way, now’s your chance to get caught up.

AMC’s Breaking Bad Marathon begins Wednesday, December 8 immediately following AMC’s “Action Pack” programming block.

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