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Remember that new show last October that kind of took the world by storm, even though the actual product wasn't really very good? You know, The Walking Dead. Okay, feed me your hate, I can take. I, like so many, was floored by the notion that AMC and Frank Darabont were bringing me (yes, me personally) a TV series adaptation of one of my favorite horror comics and then I sat thought the six episodes.

What started off quite strong with the first episode (maybe it was fan-blindness) quickly eroded into sloppy writing and even sloppier acting. And I know that I'm not alone on this one, because Darabont took it upon himself to let go all of the writers and start anew for Season Two. This realization by Darabont (knowing that the show needs improvement) is the only reason I will continue to watch... that and hopes of seeing some of my favorite characters from the graphic novels appear on the small screen.

Well, in that vein, TV LINE, expanding on an earlier article where they caught up with comic writer and show executive producer Robert Kirkman, has found out about at least a few new lambs for the slaughter that will accompany Rick Grimes and the survivors on their journey away from Hotlanta. The three new characters joining The Walking Dead are Hershel, Maggie and Otis. The article describes Hershel as a "Wilford Brimley type" and veterinarian who owns a farm that the survivors eventually stumble across. Also at the farm are Hershel's daughter Maggie and the ranch foreman Otis, who loses his sweet ways after a terrible accident.

Kirkman said in that aforementioned interview that new blood is always needed to "replenish the ranks"... meaning there needs to be more people to die for our enjoyment. Sounds good to me.

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