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About A Boy, Crisis And Believe Picked Up To Series At NBC

Yesterday brought a windfall of bad news from NBC’s end. Not only is the highly discussed modern-day Hatfields & McCoys pilot not getting a pick up, the network also cancelled its fledgling series, Deception. Today, however, there are sunnier skies at the network, and NBC is on a roll with announcing pilot pick ups for next TV season. So far, there’s good news for those who have been following the J.J. Abrams program, Believe, as well as Jason Katims’ About a Boy comedy and Rand Ravich’s Crisis.

Believe isn’t the only new pilot from J.J. Abrams that is moving forward to series. Over at Fox, the prolific producer is bringing Almost Human to the small screen. While Fox’s program will follow robot cops, NBC’s program will follow a young woman with great powers who will need to be protected by a guardian. Both do sound action-oriented and we will see if they both find an audience at their respective networks.

According to Deadline, both Crisis and About A Boy have been officially picked up, as well. Neither of these is much of a surprise. About a Boy has NBC darling and Parenthood creator Katims going for it, plus it’s based on a successful book by Nick Hornby that later spawned an also-successful theatrical release. All of these things should have made the comedy a spectacular pick up, as long as the pilot was any good.

Crisis, on the other hand, may sound a little less familiar, at least until you hear who is involved. Rand Ravich’s pilot stars Gillian Anderson in an epic starring role that will pit her as a Secret Service agent who also raises her sister’s kid. The series will surround the kidnapping of a set of children, and while I can’t see how that premise could last for more than one season, it sounds thrilling, exciting, and unique. Plus, signing on the former X-Files star doesn't hurt.

We’ll keep you posted as NBC adds more new programs to its lineup.

Jessica Rawden
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