Adventures In Babysitting Is Coming Back, Get The Totally Rad Details

The 1980s are alive and well in TV and movie development – to say nothing of what’s already out there – and the nostalgia-loving Disney Channel is no stranger to reaching into their library for future projects. In this case, it’s the long-gestating remake of Chris Columbus' hit 1987 comedy adventure Adventures in Babysitting. Only it’s not going to be a feature, it’s going to be a TV movie called Further Adventures in Babysitting. With Disney Channel stars.

In this reimagining – Disney’s word – the action gets doubled up when Sabrina Carpenter’s (Girl Meets World) Jenny and Sofia Carson’s (Faking It) Luci are rival babysitters who have to team up to hunt down one of the kids who took it upon themselves to run away into the big city without any supervision. Considering these girls are the same age as the kids in the original movie, I’m guessing that’ll speak to the level of humor and stakes.

John Schulz, who most recently directed Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, will be taking the reins on this one. He’ll be working with a screenplay from Tiffany Paulsen, whose main screenwriting credit is for the Nancy Drew adaptation. Paulsen is the tissue connecting this most recent version of the remake and the ones that came before it.

Paulsen’s script was originally supposed to head to the big screen again in 2007, with none other than (that’s so) Raven Symone and good-girl-gone-whatever Miley Cyrus as the leads. So I guess this story has been focused on younger characters from the get-go. I’d really rather watch those two come back into this role at their current ages, as I think Twitter would explode. Either way, it’s probably better than Baby’s Day Out, right?

Relive the craziness and the imperfect trailer spokesman in the Adventures in Babysitting promo below.

Of all the things that Back to the Future II had to say about 2015, I’m not sure a remake of an Elisabeth Shue movie was making any newspaper headlines. It isn’t quite clear when Further Adventures in Babysitting will make its way to Disney Channel, but we’ll be sure and send you the news via a carjacked Cadillac.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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