BBC and Discovery have teamed up for an epic 7-part miniseries set to air just after 2013 rolls in. Called Africa, the vast documentary was made over a period of four years, with careful attention to detail. The miniseries premieres on January 8, airing the first episode. To get your attention, Discovery has released a segment from the “Kalahari” episode of the miniseries, which shows a territory battle between two giraffes.

Narrated by Forest Whitaker, the segment hilariously features a script to complement the giraffe territory fight as if the whole thing is a quick draw in the old west, with an old gun and a young gun settling a dispute. The neck-to-neck fight itself is pretty crazy, and as Whitaker notes, a rare event, as giraffes spend most of their lives behaving in a peaceful manner, taking in vegetation and the scenery. Better territory means more female giraffes to procreate with, and it’s easy to see why a ballsy young giraffe would try to fight for the superior space, however.

In good spoiler fashion, the video finishes before the fight is fully over, so you’ll have to catch the miniseries, which will also feature a lizard catching flies on a lion's back and a gathering of rhinocerous mammals, and more. It’s from the creators of Life, so you know Africa will be quality, and besides, it was shot in over 27 countries with over 21 different types of cameras to bring audiences the coolest footage possible.

Africa begins airing on Discovery Tuesday, January 8 at 10 p.m. ET.

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