Last week, eight teams trekked from Indonesia, to the crowded, dirty and poverty-stricken country of Bangladesh. They repaired local buses, stuffed mattresses, and held it together pretty well considering the chaotic surroundings. Team Rockstar, James and Abba, was the only one to try for the Fast Forward (picking up dead rats… ugh), which allowed them to coast to an easy leg victory, while best friends Gary and Will, unable to make any headway since the start of the race, came in last and were eliminated. Seven teams remain. BOMP.

Starting Line - The Shyambazar Chan Mia Ghat, where teams checked in at the end of the last leg. Teams’ first clue told them to make their way to the Jatarbari Market in Dhaka, which pretty much guaranteed they wouldn’t be country-hopping on this leg. It also meant that there likely wouldn’t be much movement within the standings, and a further conclusion was that this would be the season’s first non-elimination leg. At the market, their next clue would be given to them by a local vegetable vendor.

The teams’ next destination was located on Ferry Ghat Road, underneath a local bridge, and it was the site of this leg’s Roadblock. It required one team member to use a giant balancing scale (think of the witch-and-duck scale from The Holy Grail) to measure out a specific amount of wood… but first, they’d have to build the damn thing from scratch. Not an easy feat, despite the rather crude nature of the thing.

Immediately after finishing the Roadblock, teams were then given this leg’s Detour, and the choices were Straw Dogs and Bamboo Jungle. In the former, teams had to beat the raw fibers of a material known as jute until it de-frayed, then coil it up and deliver a huge bundle of it to a nearby loom, where the jute would be used to make an “eco-friendly” tote bag from it. In the latter, teams would have to gather together bamboo stalks (of various lengths), put it on a transportation cart, and then deliver it to a local construction site. Neither task sounds all that tough, but not that appealing either. Of course, when you consider how freaking hot and humid it is in Bangladesh, I may be underestimating the difficulty of the task.

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