Things came to a head on last night’s episode of American Horror Story, and a war is on the way. And don’t you think for a second that we’ve met all of the soldiers going into that supernatural battlefield. Though the cast doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, as almost everyone who dies ends up getting resurrected, it continues to grow and Fringe star Lance Reddick is the latest talented star to join the cast. He will figure heavily into the drama during the final few episodes. And no, he won’t be playing Zoe’s new boyfriend.

For those who don’t wish to get into the specifics of Reddick’s role, we’ll get into the preview for next week’s episode, “Head,” which will be the last episode before the show takes a month-long hiatus through the holiday season. Nothing about that sounds joyous to me.

In an interview with EW, Murphy talks about “Head” and confirms that we will be seeing quite a few deaths in the episode, and that some of them are permanent. We also get to watch Kathy Bates’ detached head become a character all on its own. He also talks a lot about the cliffhanger, which I assume will lead in some way to Reddick’s character.

As this Voodoo vs. Witches battle heats up, we will be introduced to Papa Legba, who according to EW can be summed up as a “voodoo Satan,” and he’ll have a “pivotal role in the life of Marie Laveau,” and will feature into the four episodes that will air when the series returns on January 8, 2014. Co-creator Ryan Murphy hints at Legba’s presence with, “You find out that’s how come Marie Laveau looks so good – because she sold her soul!” That’s a pretty interesting take on things, introducing someone even more powerful than Laveau, and Reddick has more than enough of a powerful presence to pull that off.

Reddick has put a lot of years into quality TV work, most notably on HBO’s The Wire as the multi-ranked Cedric Daniels and as Phillip Broyles on Fox’s Fringe, which ended its five season run earlier this year. He was seen by an estimated seven people in Spike Lee’s underperforming Oldboy remake, and will star on CBS’ upcoming cyber drama Intelligence opposite Josh Holloway, as well as Danny DeVito’s upcoming thriller St. Sebastian.

Below is one of Reddick’s best moments on The Wire, putting the bullheaded Damian Price in his place with only an introduction. Here’s hoping he brings the same simmering intensity to AHS.

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