The current season has played so much emphasis on who the next Supreme is that the series’ conclusion seems to hinge on that reveal. One by one, we’ve seen almost every female character pondering their own supremeness at one point or another. The above video seems to suggest that it’s Zoe’s turn, judging by what Fiona’s saying. She seems like a likely candidate, but the truth is, it’s really anyone’s game. And there are two episodes left for this mystery to be solved.

Here’s what I’m wondering about all of this Supreme business. In the above trailer, Fiona is heard saying, “The seven wonders. Magic so advanced, each pushes the boundaries. Perform them all successfully and you are the next Supreme.” I was under the impression — and it’s entirely possible that this is either an oversight or misinterpretation on my part — that the next Supreme was sort of a done deal. Meaning it’s not a competition or something women can work toward, but something one girl naturally is. Meaning, the Supreme can perform the Seven Wonders, not if she can perform the Seven Wonders, then she is the Supreme. The way Fional's comment is worded makes me think that the first girl to perform the Seven Wonders can claim the title. I may be jumping to the wrong conclusion by that. Leading up to the penultimate episode, that’s already looking to be the case, as pretty much every witch in the coven appears to be demonstrating more and more power. And they all seem to be virtually indestructible. No one ever stays dead!

That brings us to this great screenshot from the above trailer.


Looks like Misty’s back in action. Anyone surprised? Honestly, everyone comes back on this show and since Misty’s whole thing is resurrection, she’s the last person we should have expected to stay dead. Also back in action are Zoe and Kyle. No surprise there either, but it’ll be interesting to see what prevented them from making it to Orlando, especially considering what a big deal last night’s episode made of their grand escape.

Finally, we have the seven wonders tease. We already talked about what Fiona said about the next Supreme successfully performing them. But what is this super-advanced magic? The trailer specifies three of them: Telekinesis, Transmutation and Pyrokinesis. What are the other four? And who’s going to be the one to pull all of the off? Cordelia and Zoe seem like logical candidates, but logic isn’t exactly a requirement here. It could end up being Nan in a last minute barely-twist that brings her back from the dead.

And speaking of Nan… Let's talk about the episode title! Papa Legba makes an appearance in the trailer for "Go To Hell," talking about time moving differently in hell. Is he talking to Nan? Either way, it probably isn’t safe to assume Nan’s story is wrapped up, all thing’s considered.

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. Et on FX. Read Nick’s breakdown of this week’s episode here. And read all about the clues we have for next season here.

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