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American Horror Story Preview: Episode 11 - Ben And Violet Argue

We have yet another look at this Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story to go with the previews we shared with you last week. If you know what’s going on with Violet, you’re definitely going to want to see what’s ahead for her as she and her father have a disagreement.

The above is the non-spoilery version of what’s ahead. If you prefer to wait until Wednesday night to see what’s ahead, read no further!

Last week we posted a preview from Wednesday’s episode of AHS titled “Birth.” The clip we have to show you is only loosely connected to the “Birth” in question, however it’s very interesting if you’re excited to see how Violet’s dead-life will impact her home-life.

?Due to her recent demise, Violet can’t leave the property, but that isn’t stopping Ben from practically forcing her into the car...

I’m assuming she just disappeared from the backseat the moment the car left the property. I wonder how long it’ll take Ben to notice. Based on how little attention he’s paid toward his daughter lately, I’d say at least an episode.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. Et on FX.

Kelly West
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