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Has anyone come up with any solid theories on how the white-faced nun will factor into the second season of American Horror Story, if at all? She's back in the latest teaser for the series, which returns this October with a whole new story and new characters (and a partially-new cast). In the latest teaser, she shows us that she likes to party. But what does it mean?!

Another day, another random snippet of AHS promotional material to keep us interested and excited in the series' return this fall. American Horror Story: Asylum premieres this October and is set in a mental institution. Yesterday we showed you a couple of creepy images, including the white-faced nun, who was bleeding black inky goo from her eyes. Yuck. She seems happier in this teaser…

Is it weird that I'm more creeped out by the hands than I am the nun? On the surface, it looks like she's doing a fun bit of crowd-surfing, but if you really look at those hands, it's like they're grabbing at her. There's something creepy about the whole thing, but that's likely the intention, as AHS is nothing if not lots of creepy.

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