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Anthony Bourdain’s newest travel and food show is doing pretty well at CNN—well, at least, for CNN. The network signed on for Parts Unknown in the hopes that a Bourdain-led series would bring a younger, hipper audience over to the network. Now, just three episodes in to the new series, Parts Unknown has been renewed for a second season.

Parts Unknown does not offer a particularly new premise for audiences. The series marks the most recent time Bourdain has switched networks in order to bring a new program to the masses that essentially follows the man as he travels across the world and sometimes to exotic locations to try whatever cuisine is popular and renowned in the area. However, Parts Unknown has proved people are not tired of the format. When the series premiered on April 14, it brought in 747,000 total viewers. This may not seem impressive when compared to non-news cable networks, but these are pretty good numbers for CNN. As Deadline is noting, that’s a 62% increase in viewership from the program airing in that timeslot a year prior.

Season 2 of the hit series is set to premiere on September 15 and will feature visits all across the world and even in areas of the US. In Season 2, Bourdain is set to travel to Detroit and New Mexico, but also to Spain, Copehagen, Israel, Tokyo, India, and Sicily. In the meantime, fans can still catch Season 1 episodes of CNN’s Parts Unknown on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.