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On The Walking Dead, the law of the land is lawlessness, since there aren’t any more cops or governments to officially enforce anything. But that doesn’t mean that the characters can’t still draw police attention, and that’s exactly what happened in Great Falls, Montana, where a family was surprised to find cops at the front door on Sunday night due to a neighbor erroneously thinking that the noises coming from The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere were actually happening. It’s like the opposite of the Kitty Genovese murder.

The Great Falls Police Department was called out to a residence after a 911 call came in reporting screaming come from the house, and also that someone had a gun. A second caller chimed in with more specific information about where the house was, and the cops understandably took it seriously, sending out seven officers that surrounded the house, expecting to deal with some kind of a disturbance with a weapon involved. But that wasn’t the case at all.

The police notes said that the officers heard loud taking coming from within the house, according to the Great Falls Tribune, and that they could see flashing lights. When they got a look inside the home, though, all they found were two adult parents and a few children watching the hit AMC drama on a TV that was near two open windows. You can probably surmise that this family was not, in fact, embedded in the aftermath from a shaved-headed douche opening up the barn in the backyard where the family was keeping zombie relatives. They were just digging on some TV. (Spoilers for the midseason premiere are below.)

The 911 call reportedly came in at 7:28 p.m., which is pretty understandable, as that’s right around the time when everything started going wrong. There were a lot of huge moments that easily could have drawn the worried attention of a passerby or a next-door neighbor, and one might have thought that opening scene with the explosion would have done it. Perhaps the 911 caller was thinking, “Maybe I should wait to see if there’s one more explosion before sticking my nose in it.”

In the scheme of things, “No Way Out” was an episode that seemed tailor-made to raise suspicion from those who didn’t watch and also can’t tell the difference between TV audio and real life. We got to watch not just one but two kids dying, along with Maggie’s ridiculously loud scream when it looked like Glenn was going to get chomped. At least no one got hurt because of it. Except for Sam and Jessie and Ron and Carl.

In both low volume and so-high-you’ve-attracted-the-FBI volume, The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights on AMC.