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Knowing that the original cast is set to reunite for the much anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development is exciting enough. But factoring in a couple returning recurring players and some new guest roles and things get even more interesting. Two guest stars have been added to the series, which is set to debut on Netflix next year.

Zap2It has confirmed that both Isla Fisher and Terry Crews are set to appear in Season 4. Both have already started shooting on the show. Unfortunately, there aren't any details on either of their roles, but both have plenty of experience in comedy. Fisher's credits include The Wedding Crashers, Hot Rod and more recently, Bachelorette. Meanwhile, Terry Crews played the role of Julius in Everybody Hates Chris, and was the Boot Camp Instructor in Bridesmaids - not a huge scene, but one of my favorite little moments in the film (particularly when he yells and Wiig and Rudolph for stealing his workout, which they were doing behind a tree nearby).

In other Arrested Development news, TV Guide reports that Liza Minnelli will be back on the show, reprising her role as Lucile Austero. The other Lucille returns! Look out Buster (and anyone in Lucille's path if/when her vertigo inevitably strikes)! Minnelli's talents are a great addition to anything, but Arrested Development knew exactly what to do with her in the series' earlier seasons, and I have no doubt the same will bet he case when she returns.

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