Arrested Development Takes The Stairs On Entertainment Weekly's Cover

Arrested Development EW cover 1

Prepare to be blown away by EW's newest cover. Entertainment Weekly is celebrating Arrested Development this week, a month ahead of the series' anticipated glorious return, courtesy of Netflix. There are three different collectors covers for the issue, which hits stands this Friday, and not only focuses on "The Moment of Bluth" but also some other TV shows well worth binge-watching. According to the cover, that includes Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, Firefly, House of Cards and more.

Back to Arrested Development, what tidbits did EW have to offer along with the presentation of these covers? The site reminds us that the 15 new episodes of AD will arrive at once on May 26. The characters are ten years older and thusly, about two years more mature - "It's arrested development." - and as Will Arnett puts it, "It’s the story of shame, cunning, thievery, dishonor, backstabbing, deceit, bold-faced lying, one-upmanship, psychological torture, lust, financial ruin, and magic, all supported by a very broad beam of dysfunctional love.” Bring it on!

The covers celebrate the Bluth (and Funke) family posing on the family's family car - aka "the stairs." Of the lot, it's worth noting that Buster is missing, which may have been a lack of availability on the part of Tony Hale, or perhaps an intentional clue that the whereabouts of the hook-handed Bluth are unknown. The last we saw him, he was swimming face to face with the bow-tied seal that took his hand. Will training from Army have prepared Buster for whatever that seal had in mind for him? Or is Buster lost at sea? I expect we'll find out. In the meantime, Buster is represented by his hook in the above cover. The Funke's (Maeby, Lindsay and Tobias) are in the second cover, and George Bluth Sr. and Lucille are posed together in the third. It's smiles all around… except for Maeby and George, but close enough.

Arrested Development EW cover 2

Arrested Development EW cover 3

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