Most people just graduate high school at 18. But Michael Cera, who played George Michael Bluth on Fox’s spectacularly original sitcom ‘Arrested Development,’ is writing and producing his own web show on CBS’s Innertube. Yes, while kids his own age are experiencing their first keg stands at college and learning about gerunds in English Comp, Cera will be creating the first scripted online show with Hollywood-level talent on CBS. Jealous? Nah.

According to, Cera’s ‘The Good Life’ will be a mockumentary about two TV executives who seem to be the only ones who think highly of their latest TV project. Hmmm…like that ever happens in real life with network executives. CBS has so far agreed to eight episodes in the effort to deepen its digital online archive. In the past month the eye sent the cancelled show ‘Smith’ to complete its run online along with ‘The Papdits.’

Without a doubt, Cera’s star is on the rise. After Fox axed ‘Arrested’ back in December 2005, he has appeared in ‘Veronica Mars’ and voiced a character in Adult Swim’s ‘Tom Goes to the Mayor.’ Just recently, according to, he has signed on to play in three comedies set to debut in theaters sometime in 2007. Fragile egos beware, Cera is on the warpath.

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