Fans of Starling City’s superhero probably noticed that there was not a new episode of Arrow on last night. And if you just watched the promo “Home Invasion,” you probably noticed that Oliver Queen, as well as his ever expanding crime fighting team, also won’t be back at it next week either. That "Unfinished Business" must have really taken its toll on the hero but you don’t see The Batman take time off his quest for justice! Well, except for the eight years in The Dark Knight Rises. Eccentric billionaire vigilantes, what are you going to do?

When Arrow does return in two weeks time, it looks like a familiar one-eyed face will be making another deadly trip to Starling City. While most people probably aren’t too pleased to have Deadshot back in the neighborhood, I’m sure he’s a sight for sore eyes for Dig. First introduced in "Lone Gunman,” the assassin who ‘never’ misses is responsible for the death of Dig’s brother and we all know, thanks to "Dead to Rights," that Ollie’s partner in crime fighting wants a piece of the popular DC Comics villain.

Of course, Oliver isn’t likely to let Dig have all the fun and it seems like they will have their hands full with attacks coming from what seems to be more than one gunman for hire. Who is the man forcing Laurel to pick up a shotgun (awesome) and Tommy to jump under the couch protecting some kid? And who is the kid? Even though Laurel seems to be doing a bang up job on her own, she lovingly says that Arrow saved her and reintroduced the whole ‘in love with a superhero’ subplot. Oh, and since we’re talking subplots, Thea deciding to help Roy track down the Hood also looks very promising. Too bad there’a another week off.

Arrow returns with Episode 20, “Home Invasion,” on Wednesday, April 24 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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