This week, while light on references to the DCU, finally marked the end of the Arrow resurrection mini-arc that followed the 'shocking' events of the midseason finale. Since the superhero series' return, one adversary has been doing a lot of damage in Oliver's absence, with Vinnie Jones' villain setting up shop in "Left Behind" and then running the law out of the Glades in "Midnight City." It's going to take an old-fashioned “Uprising” to root out this miniboss.


As Leslie Knope once said, "when the Ann's away, the mice get perms" and without the Green Arrow in Starling, Danny 'Brick' Brickwell has gone full curls. That's what a perm does, right? Anyway, Brick has used intimidation and the goons he 'sprung' from Iron Heights to takeover the Glades, and the remaining members of Team Arrow are struggling to handle the situation without Oliver. There was a nice nod to The Flash with one of the thugs asking Arsenal if he was the 'The Red Streak,' only to be told he had the wrong City.

Even though Dig has way more field experience than Laurel, she's the one suiting up with Roy while he's running operations over Felicity's shoulder back at The Quiver. Lucky for them, Malcolm's been keeping tabs, even if they refuse to work with him. The best moment, though, came when Captain Lance called out Harper as being the Red Hood. Or when Ted Grant a.k.a. Wildcat threw down with Brick. How did he lose that fistfight? It was also a treat to have Sin back in the picture for the "Uprising," and it looks like she's the first one to have the heart to tell Quentin that the Black Canary leading the charge wasn't Sara.

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