There's something not quite right about Arrow this third season. Obviously, the stellar second is a lot to live up to and The CW's superhero series may be stumbling a bit under the pressure. There's always a lot to like about the show, including plenty of fun references to the DCU, but Arrow is definitely in the middle of a junior slump. That exists, right? And “Guilty” was another example of how the comic-book series can still hit the spot even while it’s struggling. I mean, THE GODDAMN BOXING GLOVE!

Team Mockingbird
After learning a little more about Felicity during the flashbacks in "Oracle," sorry, "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak," the sequences set in the past this week were back in Hong Kong. "Guilty" had Oliver and Maseo Yamashiro working another assignment for A.R.G.U.S. head Amanda Waller (aka Mockingbird), this time tracking a known associate of China White. When the pair don't succeed in recovering the information the henchman was carrying, Maseo turns to his wife Tatsu for help. She's pretty good with that candle. Now, who or what is Li Kuan Hui?

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