After last week's exciting and reference-filled trip to ”Corto Maltese,” “The Magician” has the Arrow back in Star(ling) City and back on the hunt for the assassin who killed the Canary. While heavy on the third season’s over-arching storyline, including an introduction of the biggest baddie The CW superhero series has seen so far, the fourth installment was rather light on DCU easter eggs.

The Arrow
Speaking of being back, Felicity also returned from her quick visit to Central City to see The Flash (a.k.a. Barry Allen) but not in time to help track down and confront “The Magician.” It was a solid episode yet Arrow isn't quite Arrow without the Smoak. At least she left the team a nifty new tracking arrow to use while she was away. Trying to fill Felicity's spot in The Quiver this week were Laurel and Nyssa, not the best substitutes given their insistence that the Arrow needs to make an exception to his no killing rule. A lead takes Ollie, Nyssa, Dig (who desperately needs a suit) and Roy (as Arsenal) to a monastery looking for a Master Jansen. Instead of the man, they find his tombstone but the name is still of particular significance to a certain theory.

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